Real-life piloting


A number of eGovernment services are already provided at national level. However, numerous barriers are still encountered when accessing public administration across borders, whether technological, legal, organisational or semantic. The real-life piloting phase aims to test digital communication with public administration in Europe. A wide spectrum of domains, such as e-Health, e-Justice, e-Procurement, Business Lifecycle and others, are in the focus of the e-SENS piloting exercise. The pilots demonstrate that cross-border public e-services are feasible, thanks to the deployment of interoperable technical components (building blocks). Apart from technical testing, the e-SENS pilots provide a unique opportunity for European businesses and citizens to reap the full benefits of the Digital Single Market.

e-Procurement pilots enable seamless cross-border public procurement processes, which include all major phases of electronic tendering in the pre-award phase, as well as key business processes in the post-award phase.

e-Health pilots facilitate access to health services within the EU, improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of processes for health care providers, health professionals, patients and health insurance organisations.

e-Justice pilots aim to simplify access to cross-border legal procedures and legal means by establishing better and faster communication channels between courts, citizens, businesses and legal professionals.




Business Lifecycle pilots enable electronic processes and procedures for the establishment of business undertakings, between public administration and the business world in different European countries.




Citizen Lifecycle pilots aim to provide different kinds of cross-border e-services for citizens in the EU Member States, specific to particular stages in the lives of European citizens.

e-Agriculture pilots aim to assist farmers in accessing all digitally available services across borders, thanks to a seamless authentication process based on notified national tools.