Last Building Block week: Semantics


Semantics BB is focused on the semantic interoperability from a legal and official document perspective (evidence, attestation). Semantic technologies provide many concepts and tools to make machine-understandable descriptions of data, programs, and infrastructure enabling automatic analysis and inference thus providing users with information tailored to their needs.

The scope of the e-SENS Semantics Architecture ABB aims at:

  • creating an e-SENS specific layer of semantic resources, concepts and codes (Core Concepts, with ISA, reusable across the various domains) to dereference syntactic items (terms);
  • creating the services to enable semantic mappings between terms and resources or between terms. Translations and searches can be included later in the piloting phase.


Download the Building Block leaflet here.

Key facts about the e-SENS Semantics building block:

  • Semantic mapping service provides the function to map business documents covering specific business requirements in electronic procedures.
  • Terminology server provides a meaning of the resource and its mapping between to different terminologies and code-lists used across member states countries.
  • Public administrations can implement, deploy and use a system based on the Semantics architecture design, in order to facilitate mapping between structured legal criteria with the actual MS legal official documents in specific domains like e-Procurement and Business Lifecycle.
  • Thanks to the Semantics businesses and citizens will use a system and will be presented with origin-tailored information about legal mappings between requirements and documents that need to be provided to the Public Administration.