The week of e-Signature


This week will focus on e-SENS’s e-Signature. You’ll be able to find new information about this building block every day. Check on e-SENS social media channels for new updates!

The e-Signature Building Block has the aim of establishing cross-border interoperable components for a secure authentication infrastructure in different domains. The main purpose of such signatures is to bind an e-Document to an entity. The building block consists of e-Signature Creation and Verification services as a core architecture framework. e-SENS e-Signature will follow legal and interoperability frameworks (the eIDAS regulation and the EU e-Signature Standards Framework) and prove that real-life interoperability is possible. e-SENS will also support mobile signature solutions to establish e-Signature services using a mobile signing device.

Download the Building Block leaflet here.

Key facts about the e-SENS e-Signature building block:

  • To ensure trust in e-Signature services, the building block supports different trust models, namely the Web Services Trust Model, Trust-service Status List, Trust Networks for PKI and Mutual Recognized Certificates.
  • The e-SENS e-Signature building block ensures alignment with Regulation (EU) N°910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (the eIDAS Regulation).
  • e-SENS e-Signature addresses the general trend towards mobile technologies. The ambition of e-SENS is to provide specifications for mobile e-Signature in order to support European countries in the deployment of mobile e-Signature solutions.