e-ID week starts today!


This week will be devoted to e-SENS’s e-ID. Each day, you’ll be able to find new information about this building block. Follow e-ID week on the e-SENS social media channels!

The goal of e-Identity is to establish cross-border recognition and validation of national electronic identity schemes to support the requirements of eGovernment applications in different domains. Thus e-SENS enables businesses, citizens and government employees to use their present national e-ID solutions when accessing public administration services in other EU countries. e-SENS provides the framework architecture that defines a set of protocols, formats and data definitions to implement a cross-border authentication architecture.

The e-ID solution benefits from experience gained in this area under other LSPs, in particular STORK. This building block also addresses additional challenges such as mobile e-ID, and takes advantage of collaboration with ongoing projects such as Future e-ID. It guarantees alignment with the eIDAS regulation, reducing red tape when accessing public administration services in the EU.

Download the Building Block leaflet here.

Key facts about the e-SENS e-ID building block:

  • With the closure of the STORK 2.0 Large Scale Project, ownership of the STORK 2.0 e-ID Building Blocks is transferred to e-SENS. Hence e-SENS, in close cooperation with former STORK 2.0 participants, will support STORK 2.0 implementations and maintain the e-ID Building Blocks.
  • e-SENS and CEF cooperate closely on the migration of STORK and STORK 2.0 implementations to the CEF e-ID Building Block.
  • The e-SENS e-ID building block ensures alignment with Regulation (EU) N°910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (the eIDAS Regulation).
  • e-SENS e-ID addresses the general trend towards mobile technologies. The ambition of e-SENS is to provide specifications for mobile e-ID to support European countries in the deployment of mobile e-ID solutions.