First building block week: presenting e-Delivery!


This week will be dedicated to e-SENS’s e-Delivery. You’ll be able to find new information about this building block every day. Follow e-SENS on social media to learn more!

e-Delivery has the aim of establishing a common transport infrastructure suited to the requirements of cross-border communication between eGovernment applications in various domains. It enables the secure exchange of business data between organisations and citizens, using existing public or commercial messaging infrastructures.

e-Delivery is based on the concept of a four-corner model, where end entities exchange messages via gateway intermediaries. The e-Delivery infrastructure does not replace existing infrastructures, but aims to interconnect existing electronic delivery communities in a transparent way. Communication between gateways and end entities may use e-SENS e-Delivery, but may also use different solutions.

e-Delivery builds on earlier initiatives to converge the communication infrastructures of LSPs – PEPPOL, SPOCS and e-CODEX – for which a convergence task force has been set up.

Download full Building Block Leaflet here

Key facts about the e-SENS e-Delivery building block

  • The e-SENS e-Delivery Building Block is based on Applicability Statement 4 (AS4), Simple Metadata Publisher (SMP) and Business Document Metadata Service Location (BDXL) of the Oasis international open standards consortium to ensure interoperability.
  • Interoperability tests are carried out to ensure e-Delivery profile compliance between communication platforms from key software vendors such as Flame, Holodeck, IBM ande-CODEX Domibus.