e-SENS Building Block Month starts next week!


As of Monday, next week, e-SENS Building Block Month is starting! During over a month-long period, Building Block Month will focus on the technical solutions, which contribute to facilitating digital public services across borders in a number of domains: e-Health, e-Procurement, e-Justice, Business Lifecycle. The building blocks are reusable components of business, IT, or architectural capability to enable seamless and safe communication with public bodies.

The month will consist of five thematic weeks. Each week will be devoted to a particular building block, presenting its solutions, practical use cases and, most importantly, the added value they offer for European businesses and citizens. In the forthcoming “Building Block Month”, all five key project building blocks will be presented:

- e-Delivery week: from 16 November to 23 November

- e-Documents week: from 23 November to 30 November

- e-ID week: from 30 November to 7 December

- e-Signature week: from 7 December to 14 December

- Semantics week: from 14 December to 21 December

Follow the Building Block Month to learn more about e-SENS building blocks! The first one, e-Delivery, will be introduced next week.

Key facts about e-SENS building blocks:

  • e-SENS building blocks define e-SENS European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA), which is a reference architecture for delivering digital public services (across borders and sectors).
  • e-SENS building blocks offer technical specifications, software components and services, which focus on value of openness of architecture, standards and governance.
  • The e-SENS building blocks are of modular and exchangeable nature. Therefore, they are suitable for integration into existing systems in EU Member States and Associated Countries.
  • The e-SENS building blocks provide the foundation for the platform of “core services” for the eGovernment cross-border digital infrastructure of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).
  • The e-SENS building blocks are assessed against long term sustainability. That included market and value analysis as well as analysis of compliance with the needs and requirements of the future adaptors of the building blocks.


Keep up with our Building Block month to know more about re-usable building blocks, which are the basis of e-SENS solutions!