Non-Repudiation Solution tested at the IHE Connectathon 2015


The objective of the e-SENS project is to ensure the interoperability of online health, business, procurement and justice functionalities through the use of cross-domain IT ‘building blocks’. ‘Evidence Emitter’ is one of the technical modules of the e-SENS European Interoperability Reference Architecture, leverage to achieve Non-Repudiation in cross-border message exchange.

At the end of April 2015, the e-SENS project tested the first integration of the Evidence Emitter, a mechanism for achieving non-repudiation in cross-border communication through evidence generation and collection. The solution was presented during the 15th European IHE Connectathon event, an annual connectivity test marathon organised this year in Luxembourg by IHE-Europe. During one week, 300 participants, representing 74 vendors, performed 2300 tests on the Gazelle GITB compliant tool. It was great oportunity to demonstrate the efficiency of the emitter by testing the integration into the OpenNCP software, which enables secure exchange of data between the National Contact Points (NCP) for cross-border healthcare.

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