1st iteration of e-SENS European Interoperability Architecture available!


EIRA is a reference architecture for delivering digital public services across borders and sectors. It defines the required capabilities for promoting interoperability as a set of Solution Architecture templates such as e-ID, e-Signature, e-Document and e-Delivery, and their Architecture Building Blocks. The focus in the 1st iteration (of 3) has been on ICT Building Blocks that are being used in the 1st  Wave of WP5 Pilots, including support in determining the solution architectures in the Pilots. It gives a structured insight into the proposed architectures and their directions, which are intended for CEF, eIDAS, ISA, the European Commission (DG CONNECT, DG DIGIT, DG MARKT), Member States, and other Large Scale Projects.

The deliverable is composed of two parts a report, and the e-SENS EIRA electronic repository.

The report presents the background, structure and use of the e-SENS EIRA and gives transparency to the project by means of plans, risks and stakeholder lists. The e-SENS EIRA electronic repository provides access to a number of Solution Architecture Templates and Architecture Building Blocks that are to be used in the e-SENS pilots.

Please note work is in progress. The 2nd iteration will be available in May 2015