Forthcoming LSP event in Poland


The second edition of the e-Administration for Business Conference (EAB 2015) will take place on 14-15 April 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. The Conference is co-organized by the three entities fully engaged in the Polish e-administration development: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation and Institute of Logistics and Warehousing.

EAB 2015 will focus on digital services made available to businesses by public institutions. During the event, national and foreign best practices and success stories in the field of e-government implementation will be presented.

The first day will focus on national achievements. The second day of the conference will be devoted to LSP projects: e-SENS and e-CODEX. The projects will showcase digital cross-borders services at their common booth. Carsten Schmidt, e-SENS and e-CODEX coordinator, will present the LSPs' experiences in piloting digital public services. Jean-Francois Junger will give a speech about EU e-government in the Horizon 2020, CEF and eIDAS.

Participation for public administration representatives is free of charge.