e-SENS building blocks accepted!


The European Multi Stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardisation is an advisory expert group on all matters relating to European ICT standardisation. It is composed of representatives of national authorities from EU Member States and EFTA countries, by the European and international ICT standardisation bodies, and by stakeholder organisations representing industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers.

Three e-SENS e-Delivery building blocks have been submitted for identification to the MSP. These are ebMS3/AS4, ebCore PartyID and BDX Location. These building blocks were presented to the MSP on 2 October, and all three were accepted for further evaluation by an expert group. This expert group will be formed within two weeks of the meeting, and will consist of experts representing the Member States and standardisation organisations interested in the building blocks. The expert group will evaluate the building blocks according to their criteria for the identification of specifications. The results of this evaluation will be presented to the MSP at the next meeting on 4th December.