Piloting use-cases defined


Since the beginning of the project, a lot of activity and discussions took place in work package 5 (Piloting) to define valuable and feasible domain use cases for real-life piloting.

The formal decision on pilot selection for Wave 1 was taken at the General Assembly on 25th-26th February 2014.

1.      eProcurement

  • eTendering (notification and submission of tenders, access to tender documents)
  • eQualifications and the Virtual Company Dossier
  • eCatalogues in the pre-award and post-award phase
  • eInvoicing, eOrdering in the post-award phase


2.      eHealth

  • ePrescription/Patient Summary
  • eConfirmation of insurance entitlement
  • eInvoicing during re-imbursement of healthcare provision costs


3.      eJustice

  • Matrimonial Matters and parental responsibility
  • Maintenance Obligations
  • European Account Preservation Order


4.      Business Lifecycle

  • Registering a new business
  • Registering a new activity


The piloting use cases were qualified according to the following criteria: Relevance
Priority is given to pilots which are in line with the general principles of the ICT PSP programme and which address specific objectives defined in Technical Annex of e-SENS project. Pilots should also build on relevant policies and legislative initiatives on European and national level. Moreover, maturity of the technical solutions should be assured. Impact
Capability to develop and scale-up after the end of the project should be carefully considered, taking into account also the long term impact. It is also crucial to assure availability of common results in view of implementing interoperability on EU level. Impact considerations in the CEF are also taken into account. Implementation
Piloting Partners should be capable to implement work plans with allocated resources.