CeBIT 2014 starts today!


CeBIT is considered to be the barometer of current trends and latest technologies. It also seeks new perspectives for development in the IT sector. The state-of-the-art solutions and top-notch conferences presented at CeBIT attract IT professionals from around the world. The keynote speaker at this year’s edition will be Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Inc. The leading themes of CeBIT 2014 are:

  • Social Business
  • The Industrial Internet
  • Trust & Security
  • Smart Cities & Smart Infrastructure
  • Game-Changing Technologies


e-SENS is also taking part in the event. Together with other LSPs – e-CODEX, epSOS and STORK 2.0 – it will be demonstrating the achievements of LSP projects in the area of electronic services for citizens and business and the effort to create a digital single market in Europe.

The conference will last until Friday, 14 March.