WP6 sets up Task Forces to consolidate building blocks


In the first month of the project WP6 (Building Blocks Provision) focused on stock taking of Building Blocks from both previous Large Scale projects (e-CODEX, epSOS, SPOCS, STORK, PEPPOL) and other relevant European and National initiatives.  Stock taking provided an overview of architectures and solutions which enabled to create the foundation for planning the work in WP6. To make next steps towards interoperable architecture several task forces have been recently set up based on the stock taking of available building blocks: -          Taks force on eDelivery
-          Task force on eInteraction
-          Task force on eSignature
-          Task force on Trust and security (not yet established)
-          Task force on eID (not yet established)
-          Task force on eDocument
-          Task force on eDocument Container
-          Task force on Semantic mapping
The objectives of these task forces is to consolidate building blocks into a coherent architecture where gaps in architecture and maturity can be identified. This will make WP6 ready for receiving the requirements from WP-pilots and make it possible to plan for further development and tests.