Next steps for semantic interoperability


On 24-25th of October the meeting of cluster 6.2 for semantics took place in Poznan, Poland. The objective of this group is to provide a method to create documents and electronic messages with any type of content, in any type of appearance, and for any domain aimed at the exchange of information for cross border procedures as well as to provide methodology for design and create a solution for semantics interoperability. The aim of the meeting was to discuss works done on building blocks stock taking and decide on next steps to be taken. It was also an opportunity to align tasks with initial piloting scenarios defined by WP5.

During the meeting the group took a close look at building blocks developed and methodology used  in other LSP projects and the approaches adopted. In upcoming months cluster 6.2 will focus on collaboration with WP5 to understand the processes and requirements in domain use cases. It will also carry out the gap analysis between existing Building Blocks  and detailed requirements from WP5 domains. WP6.2 will also consider the  consolidation on e-documents Building Block to prepare a generic solution which could be used or extended to domain and use case specific requirements.