e-SENS participated in the ÖV-Symposium in Cologne, Germany


The ÖV-Symposium (Oct.10th, 2013 - Cologne) is an annual conference, where the members of the North Rhine-Westphalian administration meet with IT-Industry experts for an enriching exchange of ideas and information. The e-SENS project was presented in a workshop during the morning session.
e-SENS members always appreciate the chance to communicate   about European developments on a local level and to listen to local findings and to transport them to the European level.

As the project coordinator Carsten Schmidt said, “the systems developed and tested in e-SENS project are European connecting bridges, getting over digital obstacles. The local link within the European countries is essential to us. Therefore we like to build and maintain strong relationships as a living link between European and local digital and general e-Government and e-Justice developments.”