e-SENS attends BOMOS Workshop


On 14 June 2013, the Dutch administration represented by LOGIUS from the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is - with the support of the European Commission (ISA) - organizing a workshop with the participation of representatives from member states and stakeholders interested in developing and checking the applicability of the Management and Development Model for Open Standards (BOMOS). The meeting will provide an opportunity to learn BOMOS2i, which is a step-by-step guide to the initiation and review of management processes for open standards.  BOMOS2i can be used both for setting up an entirely new management organization (the initial arrangement) and for improving and updating an existing management organization. The workgroups and discussions will assess the potential for BOMOS2i to be reused at European level, by EU-wide institutions and by the member states. The e-SENS project is also considering using BOMOS within work package three  (Sustainability). The sustainability of the future governance and management of building blocks will be a major topic for the work package. BOMOS was developed only for the management and maintenance of open standards. The e-SENS building blocks have a broader perspective, so it is important for e-SENS to check whether or not the method can be reused. 

The workshop participants will benefit from the presentation of BOMOS2i given by Dr. E. Folmer from TNO, Holland, who has made the greatest contribution to BOMOS.