e-SENS presented at Forum PA


The EU-funded project e-SENS “Electronic Simple European Networked Services” was presented at the Italian public sector Forum PA exhibition held in Rome from May 28th – 30th, 2013.

A dedicated conference entitled “the Digital Agenda for Europe and the construction of the reference interoperability infrastructure for cross-border public services” was organized within the exhibition. The conference, which saw a broad participation with about 100 attendees, aimed at offering an insight on the main results obtained in the context of Large Scale Pilot projects, and on how those results could be leveraged in e-SENS. All the presentations emphasized the concrete applicability of the results at the national level. The conference consisted of highly appreciated talks given by some representatives of the e-SENS Italian consortium. In particular, after an introduction to the e-SENS project from Francesco Tortorelli of Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AGID), Antonio Lioy from “Politecnico di Torino” outlined the architecture and principal achievements of Stork and Stork 2.0 on electronic identities. Isabella Rapisarda from “Consip S.p.A” presented the results of the PEPPOL (e-Procurement) activities over the past four years. Massimo Rabuffo from “InfoCamere” shown the results of the SPOCS (Business Lifecycle) project for simple procedures for online cross-border services, and Marcello Melgara from “Lombardia Informatica (LISPA)” presented the main achievements in the e-Health context with the epSOS project. Finally, Francesco Tortorelli concluded the conference positioning the e-SENS objectives with respect to the previous large scale pilot projects and to the European Interoperability Architecture.

A dedicated conference on the e-CODEX project (e-Justice) was organized by the Italian Ministry of Justice the first day of the exhibition.

In addition to the previous mentioned conference, a dedicated space for e-SENS was reserved at the stand of Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers) where also dissemination material of the project was distributed to the exhibition attendees.