eIDAS seminar on e-Delivery and e-Documents


On 26th April 2013 an informal seminar was organised by the Irish Presidency with the support of the Commission in the context of the Council Working Group discussions on the proposal for a Regulation "on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market".  e-SENS project representatives were invited to contribute to the seminar which took place at the Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU. Representatives of Council Working Group participated in the meeting. The objective of the seminar was to show the activities and achievements of LSP projects for interoperability in the area of e-Delivery and e-Documents as well as further work activities to be carried out in e-SENS project. Also the common links between these projects and the proposal for a Regulation were discussed.

The proposed regulation is expected to ensure mutual recognition of electronic identification across borders as well as give legal basis and mutual recognition to trust services. The introduction by Carsten Schmidt (e-SENS coordinator), which outlined the building blocks developed within LSPs, was followed by a presentation on e-Delivery and e-Documents delivered by Susanne Wigard and Ernst Steigenga. The representatives of the Council Working Group were informed about developed ready-to-use solutions, their maturity level, as well as roadmap for upcoming activities anticipated in e-SENS project. The need for  legal certainty to be provided by the proposed Regulation was underlined during the meeting. In the final part of the meeting future activities of European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), a partner in e-SENS project, were discussed. Also, a real-life demonstration of eDelivery and eDocuments developed in the e-Codex was presented, which showed the solutions already available for use.