e-SENS project launched


On the 1st April 2013 the new Large Scale Pilot (LSP) “Electronic Simple European Networked Services” - e-SENS was launched. e-SENS is another EU-funded project within the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP), under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), focused on strengthening the digital single market and facilitating public services across borders.


In today’s digital world, numerous challenges are faced by public administrations in Europe, varying from the semantic, organizational, and legal level to the more complex technical issues surrounding interoperability. Previously started LSP projects: e-CODEX, epSOS, PEPPOL, SPOCS and STORK have already proven that providing electronic cross-border services can be simpler and more efficient by using interoperable ICT solutions. In various domains, technical building blocks have been developed and tested in real  life  situations relevant for business and citizens. The new LSP project – e-SENS has been formed to consolidate and solidify the work done in previous LSP projects, and to extend these solutions to new domains.


The e-SENS consortium is composed of 22 partners representing 20 European countries, including Norway and Turkey. Such a broad involvement amongst European states reflects their interest, as well as their deep understanding of the importance of building the future digital single market. The single market in Europe has made great progress over the 21 years of its existence, however the barriers to achieve true unity in public service delivery still exit and have yet to be broken down. e-SENS will address these barriers in order to improve interoperability in Europe, as well as increase mobility and competiveness.


e-SENS is expected in particular to:


  • develop a common infrastructure for interoperable public services,
  • enable higher interoperability between public administrations all over Europe,
  • provide the foundation for the platform of “core services” for the e-Government cross-border digital infrastructure as foreseen in the draft regulation for implementing the Connecting Europe Facility,
  • support the creation of the European digital single market.


To achieve the aforementioned goals, the e-SENS project will focus on core building blocks such as e-ID, e-Documents, e-Delivery, e-Signatures and Semantics. The building blocks will be tested in numerous domains such as e-Health, e-Justice, business setup and e-Procurement, to prove their re-usability and scalability.


The e-SENS project will provide benefits for broad stakeholder groups:


  • Member States will receive technical solutions to create interoperable, efficient and re-usable, high quality public services,
  • Industry will access open source solutions to be used in their own business services,
  • Citizens and entrepreneurs will reap the benefits from public services which will improve their freedom of movment, living and doing business within the EU and other countries.


All stakeholders are invited to follow and actively engage in the project, in order to create common solutions for the digital market in Europe.


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