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Vienna Court House
Work Packages
The structure and content of the SimpliVi project.
WP1: Project Management & Coordination
  • Ensure the successful implementation of the project by securing the adherence with the provisions set out in the Grant Agreement and with deadlines
  • Ensure the financial performance of the project – especially the adherence to budget limits - by implementing controlling activities
  • Communicate with project stakeholders


WP2: Analysis and Design
  • Investigate in the current situation of cross-border judicial videoconferencing from different aspects
  • Draft recommendations for simplifying videoconferencing in these aspects
  • Draft a workflow for the business collaboration between the two parties of judicial videoconferencing
  • Draft requirements for the adaption of European Court Databases – if required – to provide all data necessary for the videoconferencing business collaboration


WP3: Preparation for piloting the e-CODEX use case
  • Developing an e-CODEX implementation for the business collaboration for setting up a cross-border judicial videoconference
  • Promoting the e-CODEX implementation and the recommendations to be adopted by as many Member States as possible