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Deliverables & Milestones
SimpliVi will produce several project deliverables and reach several milestones during the project lifetime.
Name Dissemination Level Due Date (month)
D1.1: Kick-Off Meeting Sensitive 2
D1.2: Closing Meeting Sensitive 24
D1.3: Mid-Term progress report Sensitive 13
D2.1: Recommendations for simplifying cross-border judicial videoconferencing Public 24
D2.2: Business collaboration for setting up cross-border judicial videoconferencing Sensitive 18
D2.3: Requirements for adapting European Court Databases Sensitive 24
D3.1: SimpliVi promotion plan Sensitive 6
D3.2: e-CODEX Implementation Public 24


Number Name Due Date (month)
1 Project Start 1
7 Promotion plan available 6
3 Initial input for recommendationsgatheres 10
4 Initial version of recommendation document created 12
6 Business workflow drafted 18
5 Final version of the recommendation document created 24
8 e-CODEX implementation available 24
2 Project End 24