e-SENS test bed ‘Minder’ at the ISA webinar


e-SENS ‘Minder’ will be presented at European Comission's webinar on the 23th October 2015

On 23 October 2015, the ISA Programme of the European Comission will host a webinar presenting the Test Registry and Repository (TRR), which is a repository to store and publish different types of test artefacts (test beds, test cases, test assertions, validation schemas, etc.).

During the meeting, some of the test bed owners will give a short introduction to their work, their notion of testing and the technical resources they use or provide to their communities. One of the speakers will be Mr. Muhammet Yildiz, who will present e-SENS test bed ‘Minder’. The solutionis an OPEN SOURCE generic testing environment developed by e-SENS where partner organisations can check technical conformance and interoperability of the project’s building blocks for e-Delivery, e-Documents, e-Signature, e-ID and semantics. The ‘Minder’ software will also be capable of developing new interoperability testing scenarios to accommodate possible future extensions to the infrastructure and possible future use cases.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more aboutthe e-SENS test bed ‘Minder’ during the TRR webinar!

Register to the ISA webinar here.