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e‑SENS Newsletter - Issue No 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of the e‑SENS newsletter!

In this issue we have an update on progress made in the ′real life′ testing exercises within e‑Justice, e‑Procurement and e‑Health. Learn about the very positive experiences of e‑SENS piloting countries, follow the testing outcomes and get involved in the digital transformation!

As our final e‑SENS milestone approaches, we are reflecting on how the different solutions developed over the lifetime of e‑SENS will be sustainable into the future. To this end, we are initiating the handover process for domain solutions as well as proposing a model for long‑term governance of digital components.

Finally, we are delighted to announce the closing e‑SENS event to be held in 2017. You′re invited! Find out how we will celebrate completing this Large Scale Pilot project and how Europe will move forward into the operational stage of digital public services.

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e‑SENS news

  • Blueprint for e‑Confirmation service in e‑Health available

    The e‑Confirmation service makes it possible for Europeans to get the necessary medical treatment while staying in a Member State or Associated Country. After presenting the national identification document, the health care institution is able to access the electronic certificate presenting information on the citizen′s insurance status, including the period of validity.

    Within the e‑SENS e‑Confirmation pilot the infrastructure for communication and documents for information exchange have been implemented and technically tested. The Blueprint document provides a description of the IT components required: e‑Delivery, e‑Documents, e‑Signature and Trust Establishment.

    Access the Blueprint.

    Watch e-Confirmation video.

  • A step closer to cross‑border tendering

    Five tendering systems across Europe (Pixelwarel (ES), TenderNed (NL), ETHICS (DK), eVergabe (DE), Vortal (PT)) took part in the e‑SENS testing exercise held on 27th of October by the e‑Procurement domain. The successful connectivity tests using e‑SENS AS4 transport protocol were conducted in three phases: subscribe to procedure, access to procurement document and submit a tender. Within each phase, communication represented steps such as sending a message by economic operator, reception by the contracting authority followed by the confirmation message and its collection by the participating business.

    This successful hands‑on testing proves it is possible to connect national tendering systems and exchange messages across country borders, covering various business processes. This e‑SENS pilot shows how e‑Delivery can be used in pre‑award procurement, extending the scope of the PEPPOL project to all major phases of electronic tendering.

  • Prospects for new pilots in the e‑Justice domain

    Following on the successful completion of the e‑Justice Large Scale Project ″e‑CODEX″, and building on its experiences in secure cross‑border exchange, e‑SENS is working on the onboarding of two e‑CODEX launched pilots: Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and Recognition of Financial Penalties applied to traffic offences. The pilots address the transnational nature of many offences and need for strengthened cross‑border judicial cooperation by providing the infrastructure for cross‑border investigation, prosecution and execution of judgements. In addition to consolidating the achievements of e‑CODEX, the project ambition is to extend the pilots coverage.

    Countries which already use the e‑CODEX infrastructure to exchange real cases within one or both of these pilots are now working to broaden the business coverage and the national geographical use of the solution. The newly joined countries are setting up the necessary technical and business environment and will very soon be able to exchange real cross‑border cases as well. The cases processed so far within e‑CODEX have already showed a clear simplification and speed‑up in handling while ensuring a secure communication channel between judicial authorities in different Member States. We are looking forward to further success stories of cross‑border e‑Justice!

  • Handover process in the e‑Health domain started

    e‑SENS submitted two epSOS change proposals on Non Repudiation (Evidence Emitter Building Block) and Replacing Central Services (Capability and Location Lookup Building Blocks) to DG Santé (European Commission), initiating the project handover process in regards to the ePrescription/ Patient Summary use case in the eHealth domain. The change proposals reflect the findings of the Simulated Encounters events carried out this year and address:

    • the lack of the definition of a non‑repudiation mechanism for message delivery and cross‑border transactions in epSOS specifications, to ensure efficient resolution of disputes that can arise during operation, and
    • the need to use standardised means for the discovery of remote National Contact Point (NCP) capabilities and local private configuration information

    More inputs from the e‑SENS project are expected on ″Evidence Storage″ and e‑ID before the project′s completion.

  • Proposal for the long‑term governance of digital solutions

    In order to ensure the coherence and sustainability of the technical solutions used in the EU, effective collaboration between domain and technical communities, public bodies, the European Commission and the private sector is needed. To address this challenge, e‑SENS will propose an IT governance model that enables the interoperability and delivery of cross‑border public e‑Services in the long‑term.

    Consultations with the 22 Member States and Associated Countries participating in the project have been recently conducted, which demonstrated the support of the majority of national consortia (20 out of 22, until now) to the proposed model. The document will be available on the e‑SENS website soon! The ideas of e‑SENS already influenced the analysis of the European Commission on the IT Governance of CEF Building Block Digital Service Infrastructures (non‑paper can be accessed here).

  • e‑SENS final event

    We are delighted to invite you to the e‑SENS conference celebrating a milestone on the way towards a Digital Single Market. This final project event, organised in cooperation with the European Commission, will mark the project’s successful completion and the move from the piloting to the live phase for cross‑border digital public services. The conference will focus on how all Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) have contributed to make the Digital Single Market a reality by testing cross‑border communication across a wide range of public e‑services. By bringing together different communities, it will discuss handover to new initiatives dedicated to launching operational services based on mature Building Blocks. The event will also promote already up and running solutions under CEF Digital where the take up from the Member States′ public administrations and the market (IT Industry) is taking place. The event will take place in the 1st quarter 2017 in Brussels. More information coming soon on the e‑SENS website.


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