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e-SENS Newsletter - Issue No 6

Welcome to the sixth issue of the e−SENS newsletter.

Our regular newsletter service is an easy way to keep up-to-date with all our developments! This time we are excited to share with you the news regarding our new digital public service enabled by the project. Our recent pilot has already seen significant interest and the first real transactions across borders. Furthermore, this edition gives insight into important project collaborations and progress in terms of interoperable IT components. Access the electronic repository with detailed information on the e−SENS building blocks and learn about the first e−SENS e−Delivery test event for non−project participants.

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e−SENS news

  • Sweden opens academic borders with e−SENS pilot

    Sweden has launched a new e−SENS cross−border service based on e−ID and e−Signature technology. The pilot, enabled by Stockholm University, allows foreign students to engage with courses at levels equivalent to students on campus, including secure submission of signed assignments, individual teacher feedback online and participation in exams. The first real cross−border transactions have been already made! On February 1st, 2016, a group of third level students from Norway enrolled on a Practical Project Management course. For the first time, students could register on this course online using a national ´smart−card´ style e−ID, which verifies their identity and enables a secure e−Signature.

    Access the press release here.

  • e−SENS e−Health domain continues efforts of the EXPAND project

    The EXPAND Thematic Network came to an end in December 2015. During 2 years of work, the project addressed the challenge of moving from a set of point−solution pilots to the large−scale deployment of cross−border facilities that support Member States in delivering their local e−Health plans and providing cross−border care. The role performed by the project is being handed over to similar initiatives with the goal of ensuring the medium/long term sustainability of mature assets to be used in the Cross−Border e−Health Information Systems (CBeHIS) environment. A number of assets and responsibilities have been identified as relevant for e−SENS, and thus handed over to the e−Health piloting domain.

  • Transfer from STORK 2.0 to e−SENS and further work on cross−border e−ID

    With the closure of the STORK 2.0 Large Scale Project, the ownership of its e−ID Building Blocks is being fully transferred to e−SENS. The project strongly supports STORK 2.0 implementations and maintains the e−ID Building Blocks. In addition, e−SENS and CEF e−ID continue the cooperation on the migration for STORK and STORK 2.0 solutions towards the CEF e−ID Building Blocks. Future plans of the e−SENS team include work on the STORK e−ID adapter, to ensure compliance with the eIDAS Regulation, which defines the legal framework for cross border use of electronic identification. The development of the adapter will enable further e−SENS pilots, in particular in Business Lifecycle and Citizen Lifecycle areas.

  • New release of the e−SENS electronic repository for European Interoperability Architecture (EIRA)

    EIRA is a reference architecture for delivering digital public services across borders and sectors. The electronic repository gives access to e−SENS building blocks in terms of the Solution Architecture Templates, Architecture Building Blocks, Specifications, Implementation Guidelines and Solution Building Blocks that are used in the pilots. This new EIRA release is part of the change management process adopted by WP6 (BB provision). In future, the electronic repository will benefit from additional information relevant for business, resulting from cooperation with Connecting Europe Facility, EC financing programme.

    Access the e−SENS EIRA repository here.

  • Results of e−SENS AS4 test session

    The first test session of e−SENS AS4 open to non−project participants was organised from December 1st 2015 to January 31st 2016. Gateway vendors that already support the e−SENS/AS4 profile were invited to conformance test their e−Delivery solution based on 48 current test assertions that cover the full e−SENS/AS4 profile functionality. Two AS4 vendor participants successfully completed the tests: Chasquis Services − Holodeck−B2B Version 2.0.0 and Flame Computing Enterprises − FMS Version 5.3. The tests were run using the newly developed integrated testbed Minder, offering a ´one−stop shop´ test environment to test the e−SENS conformance of e−Delivery implementations.

  • Further developments of the European IT governance model

    The purpose of the European long−term IT governance model proposed by e−SENS is to ensure the coherence and sustainability of the technical solutions used in the EU to facilitate cross−border public electronic services. The model aims to support the technical and domain communities affected by offering a forum for cooperation, coordination and collaboration on cross−community matters. The new document produced recently by work package 3 (Sustainability) presents a refinement of this model in terms of its structure and the guiding principles of the long−term governance model. It specifies the underlying principles of the governance model (namely subsidiarity, reciprocity, transparency and flexibility), the aims and the objectives of the cooperation forum and gives examples showing how requests within this model are handled.

    Access the full deliverable here.

    Access the white paper here.


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