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e-SENS Newsletter - Issue No 5

Progress, cooperation and new partners!

Welcome to the fifth issue of the e−SENS newsletter.

Following on from last edition which focused on real-life piloting, this month we are bringing you highlights of recent developments, including:

  • introducing our new partners on board with e−SENS
  • details of our ′Minder′ testbed tool which is available online
  • new CEF call for partners
  • e−SENS future governance – taking the first steps
  • transfer of STORK/STORK2.0 building blocks to e−SENS

Enjoy reading and please feel free to share with us all your comments and suggestions


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e−SENS news

  • The e−SENS family is getting bigger!

    We are delighted at e−SENS to welcome Iceland and the United Kingdom as new partners to the project consortium. Registers Iceland and the UK Cabinet Office Government Digital Service have officially become members of the e−SENS family by signing the Accession document. Our new partners have declared a keen interest in supporting the development of different technical components as well as adopting them into their national e-Government infrastructure. We are looking forward to seeing the first outcomes.

  • ′Minder′ testbed available online

    The e−SENS project has developed the extensible open source testing infrastructure called ′Minder′. It ensures the conformance to the technical specifications of e−SENS and interoperability among different IT systems and is available free, online. ′Minder′ is a generic and modular web-based application, which provides testing environment and can be used for any domain implementation. Within the e−SENS project, it can perform conformance and interoperability tests on targeted systems in the following areas: e−Delivery, e−Documents and semantics, e−Signature and e−ID as well as piloting packages. A key issue for the e-SENS technical teams is interoperability, and progress is continually being made in this area. Recently, interoperability tests using the Minder testbed have been carried out by Work Package 5 and 6. Part of the e−SENS e−Delivery Building Block is based on the Applicability Statement 4 (AS4) of the OASIS international open standards consortium. The testing has been to ensure compliance between communication platforms of key vendors such as Flame, Holodeck, IBM and e−CODEX Domibus. e−SENS/AS4−Conformance test session open to all interested participants will start on 1 December.

    Read more @ Webzine
    Read article @ e-SENS website
    Access ′the Minder′
  • CEF e−Delivery

    The e−Delivery building block of CEF (The Connecting Europe Facility) will to a large extent be based on the e−SENS e−Delivery and e−SENS Trust Models. The work in CEF on e-Delivery was officially initiated in July 2015, but cooperation between Large Scale Pilots and the European Commission (DG DIGIT) has been ongoing since 2009. Since July e−SENS and CEF e−Delivery has focussed on aligning metamodels, models, specifications and profiles on e−Delivery in order to prepare a consistent approach and description of the CEF e-Delivery and the e-SENS EIRA (European Interoperability Reference Architecture).

    For more information about CEF e-Delivery please see the introduction document and take the self-assessment.

  • e−SENS IT−Governance model

    e−SENS, as the latest member of the LSP family, tackles the issue of long-term governance which will arise after 2020 when EU funding models have finished. One of our objectives is to propose a long-term governance structure which will support a flexible and effective coordination of technical components (Building Blocks) to facilitate public and private bodies delivery of cross-border e−Services.

    Having that in mind, e−SENS launched a public discussion via LinkedIn which aims at gathering feedback on the long-term European IT governance model proposed by the project. Please improve it with your input.

    Read more @ Linked-In
    Read more @ Webzine
  • e-SENS takes over STORK 2.0

    With the closure of the STORK 2.0 Large Scale Project, it has been decided that the ownership of STORK 2.0 e−ID Building Blocks will be fully transferred to e−SENS. This means that e−SENS, in close cooperation with former STORK 2.0 participants, will support STORK 2.0 implementations and maintain the e−ID Building Blocks. In addition e−SENS and CEF e−ID will continue the cooperation on the migration for STORK and STORK 2.0 implementations towards the CEF e−ID Building Blocks and eIDAS compliance.

    Read more about STORK 2.0
  • Learn key facts about e−SENS building blocks

    Join e−SENS social media channels to keep abreast of e−SENS developments. Over a five-week period, starting from 16th November, we are putting a great focus on e−SENS technical components for seamless digital communication across borders. Get a better understanding of the e−ID, e−Delivery, e−Documents, e−Signature and Semantics building blocks. Gather information and talk with the technical experts in e−SENS.

  • New Webzine edition available!

    The new WEBZINE edition is available online! Large Scale Pilot projects (e−SENS and e−CODEX) present their latest achievements and re-usable components to ensure interoperability. Read about new cross-border pilots launched within e−SENS and e−CODEX projects related to business activity registration and e-Justice cases in ′Connect′ section. Finally, the new WEBZINE provides you an insight into the future important CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) features: building blocks and financing/budgeting issues.

    Read more


New EU funding in the ICT area

  • CEF e−Delivery and e−Invoicing calls are open!

    The grants under CEF Telecom will help European public administrations and businesses to hook up to the core platforms of the digital services that are the object of the calls. The 2015 CEF calls make €1 million of funding available for proposals in the e-Delivery area and €7 million for e-Invoicing. See calls which are now open!

    Read more
  • Horizon 2020 − new calls for ICT

    ICT, as a very generic technology, is present in many of the H2020 areas. Therefore, the EC prepared a special guide designed to help potential proposers find ICT-related topics across the different parts of H2020 in work programme 2016-17. Browse carefully all new ICT-related calls and prepare your successful project in the near future!

    Read more


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