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e-SENS Newsletter - Issue No 4


Welcome to the fourth issue of the e−SENS newsletter! This edition is dedicated to the most exciting phase of our work so far: real−life piloting.

In this issue you can get an in−depth insight into pilot preparations, and find out about the first real cross−border transactions available for European businesses. Read about how our building blocks are being tested in e−Tendering use case and get up to date news about developments in access to Patient Summaries and e−Prescription across Europe. Find out about the new policy areas to be piloted, Citizens Lifecycle and e−Agriculture. Additionally, we are delighted to share with you materials, which will help you to better understand the value of e−SENS piloting for European citizens and businesses.

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e−SENS piloting news

  • Business activity registration launched in Poland

    Poland′s online business portal,, now has the capability to support EU−wide digital signing. This means that anyone from Europe wishing to provide business services in Poland can perform electronic procedures, through the portal, thanks to the ′e−Signature′ building block piloted within the EU′s e−SENS project. The implementation of the European e−Signature solution by the Polish Ministry of Economy, supported by the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, is the first national e−SENS pilot to go live with real transaction capability.

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  • ′Non−repudiation′ solution implemented in the e−Health domain

    In April 2015, the e−SENS pilot for e−Health integrated and tested the first domain−specific implementation of the e−SENS Building Block ′Evidence Emitter′, a mechanism for achieving non−repudiation in cross−border communication though evidence generation and collection. The solution was presented at the 15th European IHE Connectathon event in Luxembourg. e−SENS demonstrated the value of the building block for the e−Health domain. As of July 2015, at least three countries are actively piloting the enhanced infrastructure. The solution is now ready for Health IT Industry adoption and can freely accessed here.

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  • Seamless cross−border e−Tendering is approaching

    The reality of seamless cross−border e−Tendering is one step nearer, thanks to the successful exchange of pre−award tender information via the e−SENS e−Delivery Building Block. The e−Tendering pilot has shown that it is possible to connect tendering systems and exchange messages across borders. e−Tendering is a piloting use case within the Procurement domain, one of the many piloting areas of e−SENS, where technical solutions will be tested in a ‘real life’ environment.

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  • The e−Procurement domain meets the IT Industry representatives

    IT companies have been meeting with e−SENS procurement experts and piloting countries on a number of occasions in the last few months, in order to discuss their interest in a possible cooperation with the domain and explore piloting participation on areas such as e−Tendering, Virtual Company Dossiers (VCD), European Single Procurement Documents (ESPD) and e−Invoicing pilots. Meetings have been held in Brussels, Stockholm and Lisbon attracting participants from various European countries. The next meeting is planned to be held in Rome in September 2015. More details will be published on the e−SENS website soon.

  • e−Justice − the development of tools for secure transmission of documents by electronic means

    Work on e−Justice to launch new cross−border services are on−going. e−SENS experts are currently developing tools to allow the secure electronic transmission of documents. Solutions already developed by the e−CODEX team are considered as the baseline for further works to enable seamless digital exchange of legal information between EU states.

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  • New e−SENS piloting domains − citizens lifecycle and e−agriculture

    The e−SENS consortium is proud to announce the extension of its activities into two new piloting domains: citizens lifecycle and e−Agriculture. A number of use cases under each domain are planned for implementation in various countries. Until now, initial interest was expressed by Austria, Estonia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden in terms of citizen−related use cases, such as pension declarations, cross−border account activation for use by public services, remote access to university education etc. Piloting within the e−Agriculture domain is of particular interest to Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. In coming months, detailed planning and use case selection will take place within these Member States. It is expected that the pilots within new domains will start going live in the last quarter of 2015.


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LSP news

  • Real cross-border pilot services of STORK 2.0

    Are you a citizen from one of the STORK 2.0 Member States, holding an e−ID card and interested in eLearning, eBanking, eGovernment for Business or eHealth? STORK 2.0 is glad to invite you to use the cross−border pilot services. Take a course in a Spanish college, open a bank account in a Slovenian bank, register a company in Luxembourg or access to your health record online while travelling around Austria.

    After testing these pilots, feedback forms are at your disposal. Services will be enhanced as to citizens’ needs expressed in the collected feedback.

  • The Stand Alone Connector − the latest product of e−CODEX available

    The latest product of e−CODEX, the Stand Alone Connector, enables countries to be linked to the e−CODEX system without the need to have a backend application supporting all the forms of a procedure like EPO. By simply installing the e−CODEX Gateway and the Stand Alone Connector, the regarding country can receive secure messages in cross−border cases, e.g. a Form A of the European Payment Order procedure sent by a lawyer or a citizen from another country. The Stand Alone Connector has been developed by e−CODEX Work Package 5 under the direction of Austria. Starting from version 2.1, the Stand Alone Connector will be part of the Connector Package available on JoinUp.

    For more information on how it works, please have a look at the video.

  • European Commission signed an agreement with OpenPEPPOL

    European Commission has recently signed an agreement with OpenPEPPOL for hosting a central service as part of the e−Delivery Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI). Under the terms of the agreement, EC will host a central service of the CEF e−Delivery network − the Service Metadata Locator (SML) − which allows participants in the network to dynamically locate each other across Europe. The SML service is a central component of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure, managed by OpenPEPPOL. The agreement marks the first instance of the European Commission becoming directly involved in the hosting and support of a core service which originated in a Large Scale Projects (in this case, PEPPOL) and it will operate under the provisions of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom Programme.

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