The objective of the iSupport project is to develop an electronic case management and secure communication system to facilitate the fast, efficient and cost-effective cross-border recovery of maintenance obligations under the 2009 European Union Maintenance Regulation
IBM has joined List of e-SENS AS4 Conformant Solutions held by CEF eDelivery, following a process of conformance testing, one of the key services provided by the CEF eDelivery building block.
Two connectathon events will test cross-border transactions within Tendering pilot.
A Letter of Understanding on eDelivery alignment was signed between OpenPEPPOL and CEF Digital.
Last CEF webinar, which took place on 12th September 2016, aimed at exploring the relationship between CEF eDelivery and the Electronic Registered Delivery Service (ERDS) set in the eIDAS Regulation.
Secure message and data exchange between European organisations is a cornerstone of the Digital Single Market. It can be achieved by the CEF eDelivery building block, enabling interoperability between EU Member States and EEA countries.
At the eHealth Summer Week in Lisbon, e-SENS eHealth team demonstrated the Patient Summary and ePrescription pilots in simulated encounters with a real clinicians. Open sessions, held on 28 and 29th June, offered opportunity to exchange views with legal and technical experts.
At the end of June 2016, five of the e-SENS piloting countries (Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Norway and the Netherlands) participated in the e-Tendering Connectathon. The objectives of this event were to test the following aspects: - ASiC sealing and e-Signature;
Next week (27th June - 1st July) will be devoted to the e-SENS’s e-Health.