e-SENS sample software implementation of the European Single Procurement Document is available


e-SENS has released the sample software implementation of the Virtual Company Dossier (VCD), which can be used to implement the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD).

The ESPD is a self-declaration used in public procurement by contracting authorities and businesses in the EU. It replaces the certificates issued by public authorities or third parties to confirm that the tenderer fulfils the exclusion and selection criteria of the tender that were required before the ECPD was adopted. Companies are now able to meet all these obligations with a ESPD form, which serves as preliminary evidence of fulfilment of the conditions required in public procurement procedures across the EU. Original copies of the evidence can later be requested only from the winning tenderer. The introduction of the ESPD promises a considerable reduction in the administrative burden on companies participating in public procurement across the EU.

From October 2018 onwards, the ESPD must be provided exclusively in electronic form. The ESPD web-based system is provided by the European Commission in order to create, edit and export existing ESPD documents. The service is available free of charge to the public administrations of Member States, contracting authorities and European institutions. Funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) was offered to facilitate uptake of the ESPD. Reuse of the e-SENS VCD open source code was supported by the e-Procurement call, that was closed on 19 May 2016.  

The e-SENS implementation consists of a set of libraries, the ESPD/VCD framework, that facilitates the creation, import, export and validation of all the supported ESPD document artifacts and a fully implemented service, the ESPD/VCD Designer, which leverages the framework functionality and can be deployed and used as a standalone ESPD web application for the creating and handling ESPD and VCD Artifacts. Both the ESPD/VCD Framework and the ESPD/VCD Designer are fully compatible and interoperable with the official EC ESPD Service.

The e-SENS VCD is based on the development of PEPPOL, which was updated to implement the new eProcurement Directive 2014/24/EU and to support the relevant authorities in generating the ESPD template. 

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