The week of e-Health: learn more about e-SENS efforts in e-Health domain.


Next week (27th June - 1st July) will be devoted to the e-SENS’s e-Health. Within this domain, e-SENS aims to facilitate access to health services across the EU, improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of processes for health care providers, health professionals, patients and health insurance organisations.

The pilots such as Patient Summary, e-Prescription and e-Confirmation build on the experiences of the epSOS, NETC@RDS and ENED projects, extending their workflows into new areas.

Each day, you’ll be able to find new information about this domain and its use cases (pilots).

Follow e-SENS social media channels and enjoy the e-Health week: 27th June – 1st July 2016!

e-Health added value:

  • Cost-effective and efficient cross-border processes in line with European requirements
  • Reliable access to key medical information to facilitate the delivery of safe and high-quality health care to EU citizens
  • Real-time insurance information to ensure seamless payment for medical treatment provided to insured EU/EEA citizens
  • Seamless and safe access to healthcare services and prescription dispensations across the EU
  • Access to necessary healthcare during a temporary stay in other EU countries subject to the same conditions and costs as apply to those insured in your country
  • Open source technology based on European standards
  • An opportunity for innovative applications and products on top of the e-Health services in e-SENS