Summer eHealth Week in Lisbon


At the eHealth Summer Week in Lisbon, e-SENS eHealth team demonstrated the Patient Summary and ePrescription pilots in simulated encounters with a real clinicians. Open sessions, held on 28 and 29th June, offered opportunity to exchange views with legal and technical experts. The meetings were dedicated to the following areas:

  • eID demonstration and open discussion
  • “Lega-thon”/”Piloting” – eID/Non-repudiation


The sessions discussed eIDAS implications to eHealth and demonstrated e-SENS eID component, including mobile eID, to provide a seamless error prone and user-friendly mechanism for patient identification. Additionally, national experiences of Portugal in terms of eID were presented by e-SENS partners.

The second meeting was dedicated to the non-repudiation and evidence emitter building blocks, which address security issues and support resolution of disputes that may arise during the usage of cross-border eHealth services. The simulated encounter showed the standard operation of the Portuguese eHealth National Contact Point (NCP) as well as case of accessing patient’s medical data when no consent was given.