OpenPEPPOL transition from AS2 to e-SENS AS4


A Letter of Understanding on eDelivery alignment was signed between OpenPEPPOL and CEF Digital.

Currently, OpenPEPPOL uses the AS2 CEF eDelivery message exchange protocol, whereas the e-SENS profile of CEF eDelivery uses the AS4 messaging protocol. In the eDelivery roadmap, the Commission has chosen the e-SENS profile (AS4) as the target architecture for CEF eDelivery. In the Letter of Understanding , OpenPEPPOL and the European Commission agree that a structured transition process is vital for migrating from an existing technology to a newer one.

To support a successful transition from AS2 to AS4 as much as possible, the Core Service Platform of CEF eDelivery will provide interoperability testing and end-to-end testing services also on AS2, provided that each phase is successfully completed.

The transition is planned to follow three main phases, where AS4 will become mandatory in the PEPPOL profile of CEF eDelivery from Q2 2019. Following the roadmap agreed, the Commission will forsee financial means for the upgrade of the current AS2 Access Points and solutions to AS4. The parties have agreed on a list of conditions that need to be proven and tested to ensure a safe migration and will take steps to stimulate a market take-up of this migration plan.

OpenPEPPOL was established after successful completion of the Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project. It supports the trans-European interoperability within the public procurement domain.


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