New version of EIRA has been released!


The European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA) is an architecture content metamodel defining the most salient architectural building blocks (ABBs) needed to build interoperable e-Government systems. The EIRA provides a common terminology that can be used by people working for public administrations in various architecture and system development tasks. The EIRA is aligned with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and complies with the context given in the European Interoperability Strategy (EIS). It was created and is being maintained in the context of Action 2.1 of the ISA Programme.

The EIRA v0.9.0 beta was released in June 2015, after which a period of public review was started. The many comments have all been examined. Some of these comments have led to changes in the EIRA, resulting in EIRA version 1.0.0. As of 22 March 2016, the first stable EIRA version 1.0.0 has been released.  

What’s new:

  • Two new additional building blocks; "Organisational Talent and Interoperability Talent";
  • Three building blocks have been deprecated (Interoperability Collaboration Agreement, Interoperability Provider Agreement, Interoperability Service Agreement);
  • Attributes have been updated and aligned with ADMS;
  • Descriptions have been updated - especially the descriptions of the test-related building blocks;
  • The overview document has been updated and aligned.


Read more in the press release.