IBM Joins List of e-SENS AS4 Conformant Solutions


IBM has joined List of e-SENS AS4 Conformant Solutions held by CEF eDelivery, following a process of conformance testing, one of the key services provided by the CEF eDelivery building block. IBM has been actively involved in the e-SENS large scale pilot and the advancement of CEF eDelivery services, such as participating in vendors workshops organised by the European Commission.

The CEF eDelivery Building Block enables Public Authorities and Businesses to exchange electronic data and documents with each other in a secure, reliable and interoperable way. As CEF eDelivery is domain-independent, it can exchange any type of document and data. Furthermore, CEF eDelivery has strong links and is conformant with Regulation (EU) 910/2014 on Electronic identification and trust services, commonly known as 'eIDAS'.

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