eTendering Connectathon


At the end of June 2016, five of the e-SENS piloting countries (Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Norway and the Netherlands) participated in the e-Tendering Connectathon. The objectives of this event were to test the following aspects:

- ASiC sealing and e-Signature;
- encryption of tenders;
- REM evidence creation.

The test cases included exchange of tenders and Tender Reception Notifications (TRN), request for tenders and sending tender documents cross-border between national e-Tendering systems.

Successful exchange of messages was possible by the connectivity which was achieved between most gateways. Further tests are needed to facilitate seamless handling of the TRN messages.

Currently, three use cases are operational in the e-Tendering pilot:
· express an interest in a business opportunity,
· get access to procurement documents,
· submit tender. 

The e-Tendering team will concentrate on solving the remaining technical challenges and prepare their systems for the next Connectathon, which is planned after summer.