e-SENS proposal for a European IT governance model is available


e-SENS proposal aims at coordinating and ensuring coherence of the technical solutions used in the EU to facilitate the delivery of public electronic services. e-SENS governance model supports technical communities and domain-specific communities in aligning their respective developments and creating new synergies.

Access the e-SENS proposal on the IT governance model.

e-ID, e-Signature, e-Delivery and e-Documents are examples of IT components - so called building blocks that make cross-border digital services work. Starting a business abroad, finding foreign speed offenders or applying for a university in another European Union (EU) Member State (MS) is made possible by BBs that are developed in EU projects like e-SENS. There is a consensus among key stakeholders on the need for a future European IT governance structure. The ambition is that the European BBs that have been put forward by various programmes and initiatives should seamlessly fit together now and in the future.

The BBs and e-Services will not be temporary outputs that need to be governed but permanent governance is required: technical solutions will need to be enhanced, maintained and expanded for an unlimited duration. This calls for a suitable European IT governance model and an EU-level legal policy instrument that has no inherent limitations on its duration. e-SENS is also looking beyond the term of the Connecting Europe Facility (2020) and therefore proposed a long-term governance model that enables the interoperability and delivery of cross-border public e-Services.