CEF webinar available online!


Last CEF webinar, which took place on 12th September 2016, aimed at exploring the relationship between CEF eDelivery and the Electronic Registered Delivery Service (ERDS) set in the eIDAS Regulation. Presentations from experts in the field included an overview of CEF eDelivery, specific requirements laid-out by the eIDAS regulation, the AS4 messaging protocol of CEF eDelivery and security controls.

The eIDAS regulation was shown as the legal framework of interoperability, which defines a common set of technology-neutral requirements that enable the secure and reliable exchange of documents and data in digital format, across sectors and borders, with common legal effect.

CEF eDelivery was presented with the focus on the general usage and its link to the Electronic Registered Delivery Service (ERDS). CEF eDelivery promotes the adoption of the AS4 Message Protocol and in particular the e-SENS Profile of AS4. Its adoption is supported by grant funding and services provided by the European Commission.

The general aim of the webinar was to demonstrate the link between CEF security controls and ERDS requirements, within the eIDAS legal framework.

Watch the webinar here: https://ec.europa.eu/cefdigital/wiki/display/CEFDIGITAL/CEF+eDelivery+and+ERDS+of+eIDAS