CEF taking over the e-SENS Minder testbed for conformance testing



Recently, the European Commission has announced that the Minder test platform, which is a part of the e-SENS project, will be used for the purpose of conformance testing within CEF e-Delivery call. This conformance testing service will verify if implementations of the AS4 Access Point meets the requirements of the CEF eDelivery AS4 profile. Test assertions derived from specifications are already implemented on the test platform where tests can be executed.  An implementation can only be conformant if all mandatory test assertions are passed.  At the end of the process a test report is produced. Details of software and service providers that passed conformance tests will be published on the CEF digital website together with a test report.

The process of conformance testing of CEF eDelivery AS4 was presented at the Information session held on May 26th.

The webstream is available online here!