Sustainability and Maturity Assessment of Building Blocks

Our overall goal in the e-SENS project is to provide generic interoperable solutions for cross-border public services in Europe. To do this, we need to assess the sustainability and maturity of the existing Building Blocks that have emerged from the Large Scale Pilots that are relevant to the e-SENS project.This work will be undertaken by Work Package 3.


Architectural Stock Taking

The WP6 (Building Blocks Provision) work in the first months has largely been centered around creating a project setup for development of a mature and coherent ICT infrastructure. This includes stock taking of existing Building Blocks and setting up processes for getting the requirements from piloting (WP5), legal regulations (WP4) and long term sustainability (WP3).


Choosing Real Life cases for piloting

The e-SENS Pilots are the workbench that will test the solutions from a technical point of view and from an operational point of view. The use cases that will be selected must deal with the real needs that derive from citizens, companies and Member States and Associated Countries. The pilots should also be aligned with a number of different European policies.


Intentions and ideas regarding long term sustainability and governance of project solutions

e-SENS has undertaken further work to ensure project sustainability, with a particular focus on the governance of project solutions. The following documents have been produced outlining intentions and ideas regarding a scenario for ensuring sustainability, as well as suggestions for the implementation of a future governance structure for the e-SENS building blocks (BBs) [...].

Overview of sustainability plans of Large Scale Pilots

During recent months, e-SENS has worked to obtain a concise overview of the sustainability plans of previous and ongoing Large-scale Pilots. Deliverable 3.3 summarises these plans and presents a consolidated view of the different sustainability strategies developed by the five large-scale pilot projects. The most important finding in the document is that governance plans are not aligned […]

Piloting preparations in full swing

Technical work has begun in all piloting domains, focusing on the use of the e-SENS building blocks: e-Delivery, e-ID, e-Signature, e-Documents and semantics. The implementation phase will conclude with a “go-live” moment,when real transactions can be expected to take place. The work of the piloting Member States is strongly and actively supported by a building Block architect assigned by WP6 (Building Block Provision) to help the pilots build domain-specific solutions which profile and include the generic e-SENS solutions.

Piloting use cases defined

The vision of e-SENS, and WP5 (Piloting) in particular, is to demonstrate that it is feasible, realistic and sustainable to deploy real-life ICT services within and among countries across Europe. This will be done by launching production pilots, where actual transactions among public administrations, or between them and  European citizens or businesses, will take place. All pilots will be based on technological building blocks used in a cross-border context.