Work Package 6

Building Blocks Provision

Work Package 6 focuses on providing architecture-driven solutions and building blocks for cross-border transactions. They should fulfil the pilot requirements in the target domains, providing them with state-of-the-art technologies. The work addresses interoperability in the areas of infrastructure, semantics and security, and includes outreach to stakeholders, including the public sector, ICT industry and private sector, in order to recognise their needs. The aim of WP6 is to create general-purpose components that can be extended to other pilot scenarios in the target domains as well as new domains. The building blocks provided will be suitable for integration into existing systems in EU Member States and Associated Countries.

The e-SENS technical solutions are based on the consolidated building blocks of the CIP ICT PSP Large Scale Pilots, with particular focus on:

  • e-Delivery
  • Semantics
  • e-Documents
  • e-Identity
  • e-Signature


Activities of WP6 are performed in the following sub-groups: 

A. Deployment

The objective of this sub-group is to strengthen the cooperation with the WP5 Domain pilots and support the deployment of building blocks into the Pilots. An integral part of the deployment is the Conformance and Interoperability testing.

B. Architecture

The objective is to finalize the development work of e-SENS building blocks to create a coherent e-SENS EIRA that is aligned with ISA EIRA. This includes an evaluation of the building blocks to support the transfer of ownership and operations to a sustainable organization.