Work Package 5


The vision of WP5 is to demonstrate that deploying real-life ICT services in European countries is feasible and sustainable. The solutions developed by WP6 are being applied to a number of use cases with different national systems. Real-life transactions among public administrative bodies, or between them and European citizens and businesses, take place based on technological building blocks.
What domains will be piloted?
The following domains have been identified for piloting, leaving room for expansion beyond this list:

  • e-Procurement
  • e-Health
  • e-Justice
  • Business Lifecycle
  • Citizen Lifecycle
  • e-Agriculture
The following activities will be carried out in each domain:

  • development of functional requirements from use cases and policy requirements;
  • development of technical requirements for building blocks/services;
  • development of a pilot scenario definition and mapping with available e-SENS building blocks;
  • pilot project planning;
  • identification, engagement and commitment of pilot site participants;
  • pilot enablement;
  • running and monitoring of the pilots;
  • evaluation of the pilots;
  • pilot adoption.
How are the pilot use cases selected?
When selecting pilot use cases, the project follows certain prioritisation principles:

  • support key policy targets (e.g. the Digital Agenda for Europe and Connecting Europe Facility);
  • consider volume and usage as values to assess benefits for users;
  • aim for the highest value for e-SENS by the use of new e-SENS building blocks created through consolidation of old LSP components;
  • combine domain prioritisation with building block prioritisation, in alignment with the priorities of WP6 and WP3.