Work Package 4

Project Legal Expertise Centre

The e-SENS project operates within a complex of intertwined European and national legal instruments. As it aims to implement cross-border digital procedures, e-SENS is bound to face a number of legal issues. Therefore, the Project Legal Expertise Centre was established to provide those working on the project with legal advice. WP4 maintains a network of legal experts who provide legal advice on request, both on the topics of the pilots as well as on general, cross-sector EU legislation.
Moreover, WP4 offers legal support during feasibility assessments of the chosen piloting scenarios.

What legal issues are tackled?
WP4 explores both sector-specific and horizontal regulations applicable to eGovernment in each Member State and Associated Country, especially those taking part in the project.
Incorporating horizontal legal expertise related to the main principles and broad ranging instruments of EU law is also particularly relevant. WP4 therefore addresses legal questions pertaining to the interoperability, security and privacy aspects applicable to most of the basic cross-sector services.