Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for the operational aspects of the implementation of the project. It cooperates with the Advisory Policy Board and reports to the General Assembly. The Management Board is composed of:

  • Project Director (Leader of WP1)
  • Project Technical Advisor
  • Project Administrative Coordinator
  • Work Package Leaders
  • Quality Manager

The Project Director chairs the Management Board.

The Management Board is expected to:

  • Be responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the strategic decisions of the General Assembly and make the necessary operational decisions in relation to daily project delivery, technical implementations and assessments which will be summarised and communicated to the General Assembly;
  • Oversee the effective and efficient implementation of the Project;
  • Address the sustainability and scalability of the project by working on a common approach to ensure the viability of the solutions developed and a future approach to be followed;
  • Draft a resource plan on a 6-month rolling basis so as to match the need and demand for resources across the project;
  • Support the Project Director in preparing meetings with the European Commission and in preparing related data and deliverables;
  • Make proposals to the General Assembly to rearrange the tasks and budgets of Partners;
  • Collect information at least every 6 months on the progress of the Project, examine that information to assess the compliance of the Project with the Consortium Plan, and if necessary propose modifications of the Consortium Plan to the General Assembly;
  • Liaise with the Advisory Policy Board to share any policy aspects related to the domains and the clusters.