Architectural Board

The Architectural Board will establish and maintain an Architecture Framework for the project as a whole and the technical deliverables and development in particular.
The members of the Architectural Board are:

  • Chairperson: the WP6 Lead Architect. In his/her absence, the Architectural Board is chaired by the PTA
  • WP6 Leader
  • ICT architects, cluster leaders provided that they have a strong background as ICT architects
  • Upon request of WP6, other WPs will be involved in the Architectural Board in order to provide specific expertise when needed
  • Upon request of WP6, members of the European Institutions

The Architectural Board is the coordination body managed by WP6 that secures horizontal alignment and coordination of technical aspects between the SGCCs. It will also play a role in the coordination of technical tasks covering pilot requirement assessment, provision of specifications and building blocks, and Lifecycle Management relating to long-term sustainability efforts. Responsibilities include prioritisation of tasks and monitoring of activities to ensure that agreed architectural principles for solution structures, deployment models and lifecycle management are followed. The Architecture Board also works to address issues and support processes concerning interaction with standardisation bodies.