Advisory Policy Board

The Advisory Policy Board addresses specific policy-related issues within domains and clusters. The objectives of the Advisory Policy Board are:

  • to advise on domain-specific and cross-domain policy needs and requirements;
  • to liaise with high-level representatives of relevant domain stakeholder constituencies;
  • to relay external views from the end user communities;
  • to assess pilot results and make recommendations on potential for further adoption;
  • to liaise with the Management Board and inform about policy aspects related to the domains and the clusters to ensure proper execution of the project.

The following criteria were adopted for selection of the members of the Advisory Policy Board:

  • experts should be knowledgeable in the specific domains or clusters;
  • experts should be independent of the project’s daily business;
  • experts should have an overview of the specific area for which they will be asked to provide support – this means global understanding of several aspects combining technical knowledge, understanding of legal implications and awareness of policy initiatives in that area;
  • experts should be independent of the various beneficiaries.

The policy representatives were elected among the beneficiaries and partners.