Electronic Simple European Networked Services

 e-SENS  (Electronic Simple European Networked Services) e-SENS is a large-scale project that embodies the idea of European Digital Market through innovative ICT solutions. It faces technical and legal challenges by providing solutions for seamless public service delivery across borders. e-SENS consolidates, improves and extends existing technical solutions to develop a coherent and sustainable European Interoperability Architecture. This will in turn affect the quality of public services in the EU making them easily accessible across borders.

e-SENS covers different aspects of ICT applied in a number of cross-border cases in domains such as e-Health, e-Justice, e-Procurement and business setup. It enables actual transactions between business/citizens and public administration to test IT components in real environment. The e-SENS solutions based on standards and technical specifications can be combined with each other and integrated with sector-specific applications. The goal of generic and reusable components is to enable any information systems to offer services across national borders and sectors to businesses and citizen.

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